My Pit Bull is…

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My Pit Bull Is….

Kind, loyal, brave, my best friend. What is your pit bull? This website was created in response to the Supreme Court decision to allow the sales of pit bull fighting video; a move that threatens to perpetuate the negative image that so many have given them. “Killer”, “Monster”, “Dangerous”. This is what so many say about the breed. But those of us who know and love the breed know their true nature. These words may be negative, but for every negative word that is used to describe them, there is a positive word to describe them. And for every negative example of the breed that is exemplified in the media, there are even more positive examples of the breed. We just need a place to bring them all together! So please share with us a bit about your pit bull! Let’s show the face of the breed!

This is for all pit bull and “pit bull type” dogs. Pit bulls, staffies, mixes, and so on. Because the criminalization of this breed is so broad, anyone with a pit bull-looking dog feels the backlash of the publics general disdain. Even when you see breed specific legislation, or home owners insurance restriction, they like to paint the broad stroke of “pit bull and pit bull-type” dogs. So we here at My Pit Bull is… are painting that stroke as well, and opening this up to all “pit bull and pit bull-type” dogs. As long as you and your dog feel the discrimination, you are welcome here.

To submit a picture:

Please submit a photo of your dog with a sign containing 1 word (two at most), describing your dog. The sign can be “held” by them, or you. Then simply Email Jessica! the picture. Please note: low resolution pictures cannot be used. The higher, the better. Its that simple!

2 Responses to “Submit a photo”

  1. Nikki Elrod said

    My blue nose Sugar Bella came to us after we lost our beloved Mary (our first pittie). She came from a friend who said that she was left with them and if we wanted her to help us remember the good times with Mary more than our grief we could have her. We were wary at first, but she is such and amazing, beautiful, intelligent and compassionate dog her sweet puppy face and kisses won us over. She was the salve to soothe our broken souls. She fits into our family perfectly, plays and love our other dogs and cat. She is such a people person. She has been going to work with daddy at least one day a month since we got her almost 2 years ago and boy does she have her people wrapped around her paw! She makes her rounds, gets loves and knows who to go to to get her treats. She is so well behaved everywhere we go. She loves children, but most of all she loves us. If I have a bad day just coming home to my 3 babies and seeing her bully smile makes me happy and forget everything that was troubling me. I am thankful for such an amazing dog, although not surprised that a bully can be so perfect! Pit bulls are such loyal lovers. Thanks for letting me share her with everyone. Punish the deed not the Breed people. Owners make bad dogs not the other way around.
    Sugar’s mama

  2. My Pit Bull is….. a lover.

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